8 Healthy Foods That Give Feeling Of Being Full

Most of the people experience growling stomach after eating a meal because of the change in appetite. These are the choice of poor snacks that not only affect our health but also keep us in a state of feeling to have more. The solution to this problem is choosing the food rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins, and fats that give a full feeling and keeps you healthy.


Including eggs in breakfast proves very beneficial as the food not only contains the required fats but also fulfills the need of protein in the diet. People avoid eggs relating it to the reason of high cholesterol. However, there are many options such as liquid eggs that monitor hunger in a better way.


For people who are tired of bread in breakfast can use the fiber boosting cereal. It would keep the cholesterol on a right level, and only 4 grams for oatmeal give you a sense of satisfaction. You can add raisins and fruits for a more tasty meal.


The next item in the list of high fiber is avocado that is also famous for their monounsaturated fat. 13.5 grams of avocado keeps your stomach full because of the lower digestion property of this fruit. You would not ask for more calories after eating a half avocado.


Healthy fats and carbohydrates are as important as other food groups. You can add chickpeas and lentils in the diet for a change and all the health benefits. The option is also inexpensive, and legumes take much time to digest that reduces the chances of eating again and again.


The next good source of fat and protein is nuts that come in a variety of options. You can eat a handful of different nuts: almonds, raisins, and walnuts at 4:00 pm. It would reduce the appetite and prove a delicious snack for tea time.


Eating a whole crunchy and fresh apple is a part of doctor’s advice to avoid disease. However, you might are unaware that the fruits have enough water and fiber that limits appetite. Eating the whole apple is more beneficial than drinking its juice. You would not need to have more meals at any time after eating an apple of a right size.


People think that soup is a starter of the food. However, it could be a full meal with the balanced ingredients. Using low-calories vegetables and meat also helps in maintaining food. You can add cream and different seasoning if you want to increase the calories and fat in the soup.


Drinking water is essential both for the skin and the body. Many people think that drinking water in hot season is the only requirement. However, they do not know that the body needs minerals in every season. It also gives a feeling of being full and maintains the proper function of joints and tissues. Drinking water would not give you a weight gain so drink plenty of water on a daily basis.