Dwayne Johnson Muscle Supplements To Help In Body Building

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Dwayne Johnson"If you are fond of body building, then muscle supplements will have a great impact in transforming your muscles and body. They are mostly required by body builders, weight lifters and athletes. Muscle supplements consist of protein, minerals and other organic compounds which help in increasing muscle mass and reducing weight (fat).

When it comes to body building, the name of Dwayne Johnson always strikes in our mind. Dwayne Johnson is a very popular Hollywood actor and wrestler. In 1990 Dwayne Johnson or The Rock made his debut in wrestling. Dwayne Johnson transformed his skinny body into extreme muscular body within a span of two years, thus he is mainly known for his hard work and dedication towards his body building. If you are fond of body building then you must have to follow his body building supplements. Dwayne Johnson muscle supplements include a wide variety of boosters, proteins, amino acids and other compounds which will definitely help in gaining masculine body.

Various varieties of muscle supplements used by the celeb

  1. Creatine – Creatine is the most common supplement used by athletes, weight lifters and body builders. Creatine helps in strengthening skeletal muscles of your body and enhances your muscle performance. This supplement also helps in increasing muscle mass and reducing fat. 5 grams is the dosage of Creatine is usually taken two times a day (pre and post workout).
  2. Beta Alanine – Beta alanine is generally obtained from food. These supplements are usually rich in protein. Beta alanine helps in inclination of the intra muscular level of carnosine which helps in delaying fatigue and improves your performance and stamina. Beta alanine is usually consumed 2 to 6 grams per day.
  3. Whey protein – Whey protein is usually obtained in milk. Why protein is most important supplement for body building as it helps in gaining muscles which leads to improved performance. Whey proteins are generally consumed before and after workout to increase protein synthesis. Whey protein is usually consumed two times a day (pre and post workout).
  4. Glutamine – Glutamine is generally consumed by weight lifters. They help in the breakdown or malfunctioning of slow muscle tissue. Preservation of these supplements also helps in enhancing the immune system and plasma growth hormone level in the body. Glutamine is generally taken three times a day (after waking, post workout and before sleeping).
  5. Branched chain amino acid – Branched chain amino acid commonly known as BCAAs consist of three amino acid leucine, valine and isoleucine. This supplement helps in increasing the rate of protein synthesis which results in enhancing your muscle. Branched chain amino acid is usually consumed two to four times in a day and its dosage should be 5grams.
  6. Green supplements – Green supplements generally include green vegetable and fruits. There are many companies who provide protein powder comprising of green supplements which are very helpful in enhancing and gaining muscles. The dosage of green supplements is not determined, more you consume green supplement more will be its effect in enhancing your body.

There are many more body building supplements which are very essential in gaining an extremely muscular body. Body building supplements are generally available in many online and offline stores at an affordable price.